Happy Pet(s), Happy Owners

Mike G.

We met Yvonne almost two years ago when she began walking our yellow lab Duke. At the time, Duke was just a puppy and needless to say he had a lot of energy. Yvonne was always extremely kind and patient with him as he matured. She genuinely cared about Duke and always showed him a ton of love and affection. My wife and I both work long hours with unpredictable schedules and Yvonne was always very flexible and willing to work with us. We never had any concerns about having her in our home and are proud to call her a friend. I can’t recommend Yvonne strongly enough, and if you hire her, you will be making one of the best choices you can for your pet.

Julie C.

Yvonne is the absolute best pet sitter you could ask for! She loves animals (and they love her too), is extremely professional, and treats every animal as if it were her own. My two chocolate labs, Nyla and Bosco, looked forward to their walks with Yvonne twice a week. I loved her so much, that I recommended her to multiple other friends who fell in love with her too. Yvonne, if you ever come back to Falls Church, VA we'll be here waiting!

Pamela F.

I highly recommend Yvonne Galle-Bishop for any and all of your pet care needs.  When we first adopted two very high energy retriever pups I worried about how they would manage a whole work day alone. A neighbor recommended that I reach out to Yvi to give my dogs a mid-day break - some of the best advise I ever got!  Yvi came every day and showered my pups with love, walked them in every type of weather and generally spoiled them rotten!  I loved the doggie pictures that she sent to me while I was at work - they made my day!  In addition, Yvi opened her home to my dogs so that we were able to go on a family vacation over the winter holidays. My only regret is that Yvi moved out of the area and she is not longer able to visit with our fur babies.  You won't find anyone better than Yvi to give your pups love and attention when you are at work or traveling!

Shaunaugh B.

I am writing to fully recommend Yvonne as a dog walker. We were so excited to get a new puppy but were worried as we both worked. Once we decided to adopt a 7-month-old puppy we were referred to Yvonne from several neighbors. We then met with Yvonne and knew from the start we would be OK. Our dog Braden loves Yvonne. She came three times a week and walked Braden for 20-30 minutes. She always came as schedule, left a nice note about his activities on the walk, and secured the house and dog up appropriately. We used PayPal to pay her each week which was quick and convenient. More importantly she truly loved caring for our dog. She cared for Braden as if he was her own and helped with our training efforts while walking him. We have a new dog walker who is great but not the same as Yvonne. Yvonne is an exceptionally organized, energetic and caring person. Braden truly misses her and as do we. You cannot go wrong if you decide to use her services for dog walking. 

Ellen O.

We asked Yvi to walk our dog, Mocha, on a daily basis--this decision was an excellent one!  We were always assured that Mocha would be well walked and taken care of while we were at work.  Yvi also let her play with another dog in our backyard so that our puppy could get much needed exercise.  Most importantly, we never worried about Mocha because we knew, if need be, Yvi would always go above and beyond to take care of her.  Thus when emergencies came up, Yvi would always figure out how to fit an extra walk and a feeding into her schedule.  In fact, we trusted Yvi so much that we asked her to dog sit on many occasions.  Often she sent a quick photo which always gave us a smile!

Karen W.

Lots of good photos and a happy, happy dog tell the story. I recommend Yvonne wholeheartedly!